Enterprise Business Info Systems

Our Outsourcing


Project Managers

Our managers are charged to deliver a project on time by playing the lead role in the planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing of projects all within the available budget and brief while keeping our client in the know.

Business Analyst

We work between the users and the project manager to gather information, document processes, and confirm the final documents. We also work in the context of your organization by determining how to best improve existing business processes, designing features of an IT system by creating functional specifications,

Data Scientist

We search for ways to get new data sources, create custom data models and algorithms. Our professionals are equipped with identifying, interpreting results from multiple data sources through statistical analysis, data aggregation, mining and visualization techniques to create solutions that enable enhanced business performance.



They are primarily involved around building software by writing codes, as well as modifying software to fix errors, implementation, improve its performance or upgrade interference. We are involved in directing system testing and validation procedures and also working with customers or departments on technical issues


Our software testers are capable of assessing the requirements and design specifications of any software as well as analyzing and reviewing the test plan and preparation phase of the test. They collaborate closely with other team members and departments to execute all levels of testing (System, Integration, and Regression)

HR and Payroll Service

We recognise that the modern workforce has HR needs, using the latest technology and platforms, help in the delivery of seamless and automated payroll and HR processes.  These services are designed to meet the requirements of companies that are seeking a consistent and reliable service that is scalable and flexible.

 Business Continuity Experts

Our professionals incorporate risk management into the planning process, business impact analysis, risk assessments, organization of crisis management team, document development, facilitation development, Identification, classification, and management of the availability risks to an organization’s we consider the location, people, processes, and technologies are the basis for the creation of business and technology recovery plans.

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