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We provide professional and competitive IT services that help organizations to grow and sustain their businesses.

Corporate Training and Staff Recruitment

We provide corporate training in emerging technologies like IT, project management, and many more. Our HR professionals are well-equipped to recruit high-quality and well-trained IT personnel for various organizations.


We have the personnel, dedicated servers, and solutions, for capturing the opinions of targeted audiences on any socio, political and economic issue; with a strong consideration for ethics, quality & turnaround time. We deliver forward-thinking surveys & relevant data on public opinion

Field Verification Exercise

With our expert solutions, biometry system, and mobile apps; capable of data inspection, verification, and validation, we offer reliable verification services for organizations and have conducted successful verification exercises in several states in Nigeria.

Internet of Things (IoT) Development

We help you integrate advanced and wireless solutions into your business processes, bringing seamless solutions for observation, control, and management with the help of IoT technology. There are many untapped possibilities in this area.

Business Analysis

We use a standard methodology to help you identify, document, and optimize your existing processes. Our experts can advise concerning best practices in your industry. EBIS-established techniques enable businesses to analyze their processes and lots more

Biometrics and Identity Management

EBIS has experts that can help validate existing biometric systems to confirm that they comply with standards and are reusable where required. At present, we render this service for Telecoms in West Africa.

Digital Marketing Services

We Provide excellent digital marketing services (Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, and social media marketing ) for businesses who want to use a digital approach to attracting, engaging, and retaining the right customers.

SMS/Email Campaign Management

Our SMS and Email Campaign platform have helped industries generate highly-convertible leads and gain loyal clients. It has enabled numerous companies to track campaign metrics, increase awareness, and build stronger brands

Business Continuity Audit and Training

Our team of experts review business continuity policies, plans, controls, and processes that are in place or where one does not exist, define a suitable one for your organization and conduct exercises to test and validate such plans.

IT Security and System Audit

We accessed the overall security posture of your company, conduct a systematic evaluation of the security information system to ascertain how well it complies with a set of established criteria.

Solutions Development

Are you looking for a solution development partner with experience? We are the partner you need with a 100% success rate on our projects. Our team is capable of providing highly technical software development for your organization.

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