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Enterprise Business Info Systems

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Enterprise Business Info. Systems (EBIS) is a world class and leading provider of business, enterprise solutions and IT support services across all sectors which was founded and registered in Nigeria as a limited liability in 2005. EBIS mandates the use of technology through Artificial intelligence to drive enterprise solution delivery, premium service delivery based on excellent application of technology by experienced resources.

Our solutions enable the delivery of all classes of enterprise solutions with focus on delivering data science services to the world, running on existing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms already applied in all our solutions.

Our Vision

To be at the forefront in technology delivery in Africa, powering the sustainable growth of our clients with world-class innovative, efficient and affordable solutions in order to create captivating, simple, client driven, user-centric and revolutionary solutions.         

Our Mission

To effectively utilize Human and Technological resources required to ensure seamless communication that guarantees efficient integration and delivery of services to the business world leading to the growth of mankind especially in the developing economies.

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