Enterprise Business Info Systems


Data Warehouse project

Data Warehouse project that aggregated over 5.5 million loan beneficiaries to their
respective disbursement account to track the flow of fund disbursement by agents or enumerators and identify fraudulent transactions with the aid of BVN.

Scrubbed over 11 million subscribers

Scrubbed over 11 million subscribers in compliance to Biometric standards for
fingerprints and facial Image also Bio-Data compliance to ensure all mandatory fields are present likewise all inaccurate data types are validated.

Implemented contact center technologies

Implemented contact center technologies to serve various Nigeria Government
programs and processes inclusive of a multilingual Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), AI powered Predictive Dialer, Remote enabled, Self-service and Computer Telephony Integration.

Implemented Data validation

Implemented Data validation, segmentation for customer profiling, Targeted campaigns, single customer view and aggregation of existing organization wide Data Marts.

Automated organisation processes

Built automated organization wide processes workflow leveraging on existing Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure. This optimized internal and external processes leading to faster turnaround.

Upgraded existing database infrastructure

Upgraded in a Apex Bank existing database infrastructure of three (3) oracle 11g
Databases to Oracle 12c and the migration of existing database records from 11g to 12c while maintaining stability and data integrity.

Deployed KYC Capture Solution

Deployed KYC Capture Solution, analyzed KYC data for completeness with graded
score-sheet for each records against NCC and Global best practices, rejection of failed registration data for reprocessing, migration of validated records to clients desired repository, robust reporting and Audit trail.

Developed and deployed ERP HR systems

Developed and deployed ERP HR systems capable of all HR functions such as Payroll Management, Leave management, KPIs, Employee KYC etc for over 2000 resources.

Digitized highly confidential business

Digitized highly confidential business documents accumulated over 45 years. This includes metadata capture, securing movement offsite. We have implemented this across several financial institutions dealing in high security documents.

Built health care insurance solution

Built an health care insurance solution with non-internet mobile technologies, completed with insurance management system, subscription management (self-service opt-in/opt-out), business intelligence and reporting.

Deployed technological solutions

Deployed technological solutions for sustainable development, using Geography Application, 3D Design and Printing technologies.

Provided real-time decoding

Provided real-time decoding, extraction, transformation and data warehousing of millions of call detail records daily for telecommunication service provisioning and business intelligence.

Developed biometrics capture solutions

Developed biometrics capture solutions with integrated capture sensors, deployed and managed project data by capturing Nationwide Biometrics registration of Federal pensioners.

Extended Data Warehouse

Implemented and extended Data Warehouse to accommodate 15m+ subscribers in a very critical environment.

Implemented Oracle ERP

Implemented Oracle ERP, Finance, Supply Chain, Oracle Human Resources, Oracle
Payroll with operational efficiency.

Implemented Microsoft SharePoint

Implemented Microsoft SharePoint across a Telco Operations which was taken up as a case study by Microsoft Best and adjudged the best Implementation in sub-Saharan Africa.

Developed and deployed Telecom interconnect

Developed and deployed Telecom interconnect charging, billing, reconciliation, invoicing and reporting.

Designed, developed and implemented Human Resource and Payroll System

Successfully designed, developed and implemented a Telco’s First Human Resources and Payroll system which ran from April 2001 ‐ January 2002 using Oracle 8i database, Oracle Reports 6i and Forms 6i.