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Enterprise Business Info Systems


Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

Our ERP Modules are designed to manage daily business activities which keeps track of vital information in the company such as Accounting, Procurement, Project Management, Inventory, Asset Management, HR, payroll and supply chain operations

Customer Relationship Management Solution

Our solution stores customer and prospect contact information, records service issues, all in one central location. It helps to track interaction between businesses and customers. The required information collected is integrated & stored in a database

Know Your Customer (KYC) Solution

Our Solution helps businesses to capture biodata and biometrics thereby creating a unique identity per user by running due diligence checks and perform ongoing monitoring. This Solution helps to reduce fraud risk, improve KYC standards


Contact Center Solution

We increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a contact center with an emphasis on connecting the customer with the contact center agents.

Data Warehouse Solution

Our Solution helps to sort data based on different subject matter, such as customers, products or business activities to facilitate reporting for day-to-day operations.

WhatsApp Bot

We designed this program at the enterprise level to offer basic information about key roles, current state and details on products and services.

Web Portals, E-commerce Services

Our E-commerce website and web portal are designed to the requirements and specifications of the clients that help businesses to reach their full potential.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solution

Our A.I systems are designed to carry out tasks efficiently solving complex problems like humans through experience with the aid of computer algorithms

Enterprise document & Content Management System

We build system solutions designed to manage the creation and modification of an organization’s digital content.

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